The 56-mile (90 km) High Road to Taos tour is a scenic, winding road through the Sangre de Cristo
Mountains between Nambe (north of Santa Fe) and Taos. It winds through high desert, mountains,
forests, small farms, and tiny Spanish Land Grant villages and Pueblo Indian villages. Scattered along the
way are the galleries and studios of traditional artisans and artists drawn by the natural beauty. It has
been recognized by the state of New Mexico as an official Scenic Byway.

Villages we might visit along the route from south to north are:

Nambé, Chimayó, Truchas, Ojo Sarco, Las Trampas, Chamisal, Picurís Pueblo. Peñasco, Llano San Juan,
Placita, Vadito, Talpa, Ranchos de Taos

Trip Highlights:
The village of Chimayo is home to El Santuario de Chimayo church. Built between 1811-16. This tiny
church is visited by pilgrims from all over the United States and old Mexico, especially on Good Friday of
Easter week, when crowds swell to the thousands.
The village of Truchas is a scattering of adobe houses and buildings backed by the snow-capped Truchas
Peaks. This Hispanic farming community once furnished the set for the 1989 movie version of the John
Nichols novel “The Milagro Beanfield War.
Other locations we might visit are the 225+ year church in Las Trampas, San Jose de Gracia, along with
smaller chapels in the villages of Llano San Juan, Placita, Talpa and the famed church in Ranchos de Taos,
San Francisco de Asis. The landscapes along the High Road tour are varied and beautiful with the high
desert elevation of Nambe beginning of around 5900 feet then rising to the aspen covered mountain of
Santa Barbara Canyon at around 9000 feet. Always in the background is the Sangre de Cristo Mountain
Range with New Mexico highest mountains at over 13,000 feet in height. Each season during the year
shows a different face of the area with fall being the most colorful with the cottonwoods and aspens
exploding with yellow, orange and red hues. Spring and summer is the best time for wild flowers with
the summer monsoons giving us some of the most spectacular skies of the year.

Operator Information:
Steven Bundy Photography Tours has been providing photography “safari’s” and camera and image
instruction in Northern New Mexico since 2008. Hundreds of happy customers have returned home with
great memories and stunning photos to share with friends and family. I try to provide very casual and
easy going photo tours of my beautiful New Mexico along with enough camera and image education
along the way to provide the participants the tools and scenes to head back home with some beautiful
images they would want to put on their walls.