This day will begin and end only from Taos. We will drive from Taos to Chama, NM to be there a little
before the Cumbres & Toltec steam train pulls away from the Chama Station. The train departure time
from the station is 10 am, so we leave Taos at 7 am which will get us to the station early enough to stop
at rest rooms and take some images from around the station and train. It also gives us a little time for
stops along our drive through the Brazos Mountains. The Cumbres & Toltec steam train only runs part of
the year. It starts near the end of May and runs through the end of October.
Once the train leave the Chama Station, we will follow along the route as the train crisscross’s the road
on its way up the grade to the Cumbres Pass Station at an elevation of over 10000 feet. We will follow
the train a little farther east getting in a least a dozen separate stops along the morning portion of the
chase. At this point we return to the town of Chama to have lunch. After lunch we hop back in the truck
to return up to the Cumbres Pass Station to begin the afternoon session of the chase to follow a
returning train back into the Chama Station. The afternoon train arrives back at the Chama Station
around 4 pm where will again head to the restrooms and get some final images from around the train
station to then begin our drive back to Taos to finish out the day.

Trip Highlights:
Some of the better photographic spots will be within a few feet of the train as it crosses the road as we
travel across the state line between New Mexico and Colorado. The Cresto water refill station will allow
you to capture the train surrounded by the beautiful mountain vegetation and scenery. As the train
chugs up the grade in the morning session you will have plenty of engine smoke filling the mountain air
giving your images a true old world impact of train travel in the 1800’s. The idea time and my most
popular time to make this train chase in the month of October when all of the mountain aspen’s and
valley cottonwood trees are turning their fall season colors. With these colors against the back drop of
the deep blue New Mexico sky and an 1800’s style steam train, your images will be some of your all-time

Operator Information:
Steven Bundy Photography Tours has been providing photography “safari’s” and camera and image
instruction in Northern New Mexico since 2008. Hundreds of happy customers have returned home with
great memories and stunning photos to share with friends and family. I try to provide very casual and
easy going photo tours of my beautiful New Mexico along with enough camera and image education
along the way to provide the participants the tools and scenes to head back home with some beautiful
images they would want to put on their walls.


# In Group Full Day Half Day
1 $400 $250
2 $650 $400
3 $800 $550
4 $950 $650

Tours Information

Full day tours are roughly 8+ hours long depending upon the time of year. I try to end each full day tour around sunset to hopefully finish the day with a bang. A lunch for the entire group at a restaurant along our route is included in the full day pricing. I also bring water and snacks.
Half day tours are 4-5 hours long. We can start either in the morning or afternoon depending upon your preference. Most of my prior tours have ended at sunset because of the nicer afternoon light in this area. No lunch is included in this option. I do bring water and snacks.
I will offer camera help and image composition suggestions to those that request it throughout the day, so do not be shy about asking. My tours are focused on introducing you to the beauty of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado….places off of the beaten track. My intent is that you have a fun day of discovery as we explore my favorite part of the world.
I require a deposit of $50 per person per day. Multiple days will be a multiple of the $50 deposit fee.

Reserving a Tour

If you would like to reserve a tour date, contact me either by phone or email. Most transactions are handled using Paypal which accepts most major credit cards. I require a deposit of $50 per person per day reserved to save your tour date. Multiple tour days will require a multiple of the $50 deposit. My cell phone is 760-518-1530 or my email: